A Collection Made With Passion

I am a big believer in pursuing your passions and creating what you love, so last year I decided to follow my passion and design an eco-friendly, organic silk bridal collection. I am so happy to be able to share with you the designs which I have put my heart and soul into.

Every aspect of the Organic Bridal Collection has been meticulously thought through. Designed to be a smaller collection which can be really easily interchanged with other garments to create completely different looks, taking the focus away from 'fast fashion' and making the garments much more versatile.

I love the idea of building upon your dream dress with your own personal touches. As a dressmaker it is incredible exciting to see a bride put her own mark on her wedding gown, adding a different neckline, using a different lace trim or adding layers to a beautiful skirt. I like to encourage brides into making their dress exactly as they had imagined, and even better to do that whilst thinking about the impact on the environment.

I believe it is fundamental that we raise awareness for a healthier textile industry and promote more eco-friendly products and processes. Choosing to buy into quality, and to invest in the passion and the skill of who has made the clothing. Each dressmaker/designer has a different voice and therefore each garment they produce has part of their passion within it's seams , which is why I think it is so important to know the dresses story from not just the final product, but right from the intial design.

It's so exciting to be using these organic fabrics and to create a range of amazing organic wedding dresses! See the collections here!

Supplier list in previous blog post! Photography by Olivia Bossert.

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See behind the scenes of the new Organic Bridal Collection

The thing I love most about creating wedding dresses is the way they can make someone feel, a flowing silk skirt or the feeling of lace against the skin can add so much to the emotions that a bride feels.

Real dressmaking isn't just about the intricacies of the craft, it's also about the person behind the clothing, who they are as an individual and combining the two to create something magical.

This is what I also love about styled shoots, the way they can evoke emotion, the slight movement of a hand against delicate fabric or the subtle look in someone's eyes. There is so much work and talent that goes into creating a styled shoot, and they're often big collaborations from different suppliers. It's not often either that you get the chance to see a snippet into the work behind the photographs, so what better way than to watch a behind the scenes video.

This video was created by The Wedding Edit and is a beautiful view into the Organic Bridal Collection photoshoot. Take a look and see the shoot come to life!


Video - The Wedding Edit
Photographer - Olivia Bossert
MUA - Stacey Cremin
Hair Stylist - Makeup By Ione
Jewellery - Grace Baskerville
Florist - Flowers with M
Ribbons - Lancaster and Cornish
Stationary - Myrtle and Co
Model - Lowenna Murley

An Artisan Collaboration

The day is finally here! I get to show you an incredible story and a rare behind the scenes look at an Artisan collaboration with some amazingly talented, local suppliers here in Cornwall.

There is often so much more to creating a bespoke bridal look than you might think. The beauty in the creative process is one to be treasured and appreciated, as well as admiring the stunning finished product. There is so much planning, thought and craft that goes into each aspect, it's a pleasure to show you more to the story.

Each one of our buisnesses has a deep respect for our natural and organic environment and in this instance, we focused our inspiration around our beautiful home by the sea in Cornwall. Taking you from the very beginning, we show you the wonderful possibilities of organic product, materials and processes in creating a bridal look, starting with the organic/eco friendly silk fabrics, using local Camellia flowers for natural dyeing, through to creating a bespoke wedding gown, organic flowers for the bouquet, beautiful stationary, locally crafted jewellery and stunning film photography.

This is something I can truly say I am deeply passionate about, it is an incredibly exciting thing to create such beauty whilst doing what we can for our enivornment and it shows how easily accessible it can be. I plan to write a future blog post going into more detail about the amazing organic/eco friendly fabrics that I used to create the bepoke wedding gown.

See Cottage Hill Magazine to read the full story!


Concept/Photography - Taylor & Porter Photographs
Hand/naturally dyed silks - Lancaster & Cornish
Florals - The Garden Gate Flower Company
Calligraphy - Myrtle and Co
Jewellery - Mirri Damer Contemporary Jewellery
MUA - Stacey Cremin Makeup Artist
Model - Sarah Alexandra


New shoot • Behind the scenes

Our first shoot was taken in a stunning location on the coast in Cornwall, surrounded by long, flowing grasses and brilliant sunshine (what luck!). We had so much fun and the whole team were brilliant. We wanted it to look very natural and soft with styling, showcasing the delicate dress and emphasising natural beauty. Here are a few shots from behind the scenes!

Photographer - Victoria May Harrison
MUA - Stacey Cremin
Model - Julia Campbell