The Bespoke Journey

 Images by Taylor & Porter Photographs

Images by Taylor & Porter Photographs

Handmade wedding dresses

I truly believe that the journey should be as important as the amazing gown you wear on your big day. In my studio you are part of the journey from beginning to end, everything is especially made for you and ideas are exchanged in an inspiring, creative environment.

Handmade finished sewn
Designer Custom Wedding

You get to choose from a variety of different, high quality silks, including organic and fairtrade silks, whether it be a delicate silk chiffon, a beautiful silk organza or layers of fine silk georgette. The beauty of bespoke dressmaking is that we can change and adapt the dress throughout the process, changing a neckline or shortening a hemline with toiles (mock up garments) made to your exact body measurements.

Each step is taken with the utmost care. Everything is handmade by myself in my studio in Cornwall, with delicate couture techniques to make sure your gown isn't just any gown but something you can treasure for generations to come. Hand finishing a silk Habotai lining, adding a beautiful row of lace covered buttons or creating a structured inner corset, are all specialist techniques which make your gown something to remember.


Claire was absolutely fantastic right from the start. I knew what I wanted my dress to look like and described it to her, and she came back with some stunning sketches that perfectly captured what I was trying to describe! As the process went along and with the toil, she had fantastic suggestions and a brilliant eye for where the lines of the dress should go etc. Details like buttons covered in the lace I had chosen to match the rest of the dress, that I never would have thought of myself, made such a difference to the feel of the dress. She was always really open to my ideas and made me feel listened to and a part of the design process. I couldn’t have imagined the dress would be as perfect as it was, and I still get compliments on the dress now! She even designed and made my veil with matching lace trim. I felt so beautiful and special on the day, knowing that the dress was bespoke to me, there isn’t another one like it in existence!

The quality of the dress was so high, and the material Claire suggested for the base layer was so soft and plush, I was really comfortable for the whole celebration.

I think the main thing that stands out is that throughout the process it was clear that Claire cared as much about the dress as I did!
Thank you Claire!
— Annie
Buying a wedding dress for me was tiresome. My poor mother was dragged from shop to shop watching me wedge my rowers shoulders into various dresses. I also didn’t make things easier by having a number of red lines; no I didn’t want a full skirt, no thank you diamantes and please god nothing white.

Meeting Claire was a revelation. I turned up with lots of images, and she patiently sat down and took me through what I envisaged for my wedding dress. She was also brilliant at rationalising my ideas; she talked me through what would work on my body, and what wouldn’t. She sketched a design, made a toile in calico for me to try on and then slowly piece by piece made it. I had a number of appointments as Claire made my dress for me to try it on. Claire and I would discuss how it was developing and it slowly evolved into a dress I loved. I could not have been happier with the finished piece. It was an extraordinary experience to have a dress made for me and to be present in each decision, and far more enjoyable than being wedged into the mass produced diamante laden monstrosities of my own personal nightmares!
— Esther
On a recent trip to Singapore I purchased some beautiful silks and embroidered materials. The intention was to make a bespoke dress for a friend’s wedding in the Greek Islands. I needed a talented seamstress to help me and I was so fortunate to find Claire.

Claire created a stunning silk dress with an embroidered overlay. Her passion, attention to detail, understanding of fabrics and meticulous skill are all vital qualities of a professional wedding dress designer. Also her calmness and kindness, which shone through during all the various appointments and fittings.

Claire is a gem.
— Margaret